Gabon Airlines flies to Johannesburg, Paris and Marseille as well as some regional and domestic routes.… Read More

LAM is Mozambique’s national airline. The web site is in Portuguese but it’s easy enough to book flights since the destination names are universal. International destinations include Dar es Salaam, Durban, Harare and Lisbon. They have a comprehensive domestic route which is good considering the roads in Mozambique are quite poor and it’s a big country.… Read More

Elysian Airlines is a West African regional airline with services between Liberia, Guinea, the Gambia and Cameroon.… Read More

Fly Zambezi offers a good domestic schedule (including Livingstone) and has flights to Dar es Salaam and Jo’Burg.… Read More

Air Namibia flies to several international destinations including London and Frankfurt. Regionally the airline doesn’t venture north of Zimbabwe but you can get good connections to Cape Town, Victoria Falls and Luanda. I’ve flown them a few times and they’re excellent.… Read More

Ghana International Airlines is a recently established airline (10/2005) and offers regular services from Accra to London, Lagos and Johannesburg.… Read More

Proflight offers a good network of scheduled flights around Zambia including Lusaka, Ndola, South Luangwa, and to neighboring Malawi. Good option for anyone traveling in Zambia with time constraints.… Read More

Bellview Air offers regional (throughout West and Central Africa) and domestic services. They also offer long haul flights to London and Johannesburg.… Read More

Air Guinee was the national airline of Guinea but it dissolved in 2002.… Read More